May 22, 2021

8:15 – 8:50   Check in and worship
8:50 – 9:00  Opening conversation Matt. 22:37
9:00 – 1:10    Workshops and Breaks
1:10 – 1:30 – Wrap up and dismiss


9:15 – 10:15 – Break-out #1

The Mind Body Heart Connection: Finding the Balance You Need
Sharon Good, MA, LPC-S

We have all heard, “you need to find balance in your life,” but what does that really mean? In this workshop, you will discover how the Mind, Body & Heart interact, so that you can better understand balance and discover practical tools to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Heart Transformation Through Holistic Changes
Tim Liden, MS, CPC

We all face a variety of stressors in our lives, especially in the midst of COVID-19. The typical approach to dealing with these stressors is one which focuses on the problem. Come and discuss an alternative approach which focuses on solutions and involves a heart transformation that is centered on Jesus. Learn to analyze your life, formulate goals, and develop programs to reach your goals building off of your strengths and assets. The by-product is the reduction or elimination of the stressors which will ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

Self-Care and Self-Protect
Alexandra Allred, Author and Kinesiology expert

In a time when there seems to be so much turmoil and rising anxiety, let’s take some time to talk about how you can practice self-awareness, self-protection and self-esteem for the very person in your life who is typically the most neglected — YOU!

This is a fast-paced, fun, and interactive class — you will learn (quite literally) to find your voice and know how to use it; project a stronger image and while learning to do so, respect yourself just a little bit more. We are constantly reminded of the value in caring for ourselves but the reality is, most people do not make the time to do so or, even know how to do it. Let’s bring in this new year with a new attitude. You’re worth it!


10:30 – 11:30 – Break-outs #2

Soul: Be Good or Beatitudes? Winning the Battle by Resting in Christ
Justin Harvey, MA, LPC Associate

In this workshop we will examine excerpts of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that focus on how to obey God’s law. The kingdom of heaven is as near to us as the space you are occupying right now, but how can we enter it? The more we focus on the things we do or trying to be good, the further we distance ourselves from the Kingdom. This is true of many spiritual battles we face – the more we rely on our own ability, the more often we fail. By learning to rest in Christ and not your own merit or laurels, the more equipped you will be to face spiritual battles and be able to live in the Kingdom of God here and now.

Made in God’s Image: Triune God and Triune Man
Jena Bennett, MA, LPC

Triune man is about exploring how mankind was created in the Image of God. We will be exploring the aspects of spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of people, how each aspect interacts, and how an amazing Creator relates to his beloved. It will be a time to explore growing intimacy with God, personal value, and identity.


11:55 – 12:55 – Break-outs #3

Audra Staff Image

Shame Tree
Audra Dahl, MA, LPC-S

When shame takes root, it affects many areas of your life. The tree of your life then starts to wither and produce bad fruit. Do you see how shame is affecting you? Let’s identify ways in which shame is hindering your life and ways to get rid of it.

Audra Staff Image

Using Art to Reduce Stress
Kym McKenzie, MA, LPC-S

Research shows that creative activities like drawing or painting help relieve stress, help in communication skills and slow or stop cognitive decline as you age. Come learn a little about art and how it can be used therapeutically to aid in stress relief. We will also take time to do a simple exercise for reclaiming your identity and direction of life through art. Don’t be afraid, I’m not an artist. Come join us and experience it for yourself!

Audra Staff Image

Express Yourself: Cultivating Healthy Communication Skills for Everyday Life
Ashley Coleman, MHR, LPC Associate

Do you ever struggle to communicate with the people you love the most? Are you afraid to share your feelings, because you’re uncertain of how the other person may respond? Come learn some simple techniques that will help improve communication with your loved ones, and, ultimately, empower you to express yourself!

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